First Store for Pensioners opened in Trebinje

The first store for pensioners was opened in Trebinje yesterday, where they will be able to buy basic food at much lower prices.

This store will have prices significantly cheaper than the usual ones in the shops for the oldest population, and the amount of the discount that the customer gets will depend on the amount of the pension. Pensioners who have a pension of up to 200 BAM will have a 50 percent discount, those who have pensions of up to 300 BAM will have a discount of 35 percent, and pensioners who have up to 404 BAM, which is the average pension in Republika Srpska, will have a 25 percent discount, Avaz news portal reports.

The store for pensioners will operate within the Agrarian Fund, and there are about 7,800 pensioners in Trebinje, half of whom have a pension lower than the average. According to Veselin Dutina, director of the Agrarian Fund of Trebinje, it will be possible to buy basic foodstuffs in the store.

Dutina added that, in cooperation with the Pension and Disability Insurance Fund, they have obtained the data of all pensioners who can buy in this store. Every pensioner will have a card, which will be a kind of identification card for shopping in this store.

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