Football Federation of Bosnia and Herzegovina organized Six Festivals for Children


Girls and boys had fun at the festivals organized by the Football Federation of Bosnia and Herzegovina in Sokolac, Mostar, Rudo, Zenica, Orašje, as well as in Banja Luka, which was held today, and all participating clubs were awarded eight balls and T-shirts for all members who were part of the Grassroots events.

The FF BH senior expert associate for football development, Dženan Đipa, is satisfied with the organization of these events:

“Like everything we organize this year, we had to adapt to the special measures that are in force due to the COVID-19 virus pandemic at the events within Grassroots Week. This certainly affected the number of participants in all festivals, but we can still be satisfied with the organization, but also with the response of the clubs. Lots of fun, smiles on children’s faces, various games and workshops. All of this complemented these events and, in the end, we can get a high rating for what we have done in the past period. The FF BH thanks all the participants who together made these festivals run smoothly and now we turn to new projects that will continue to develop football in our country at all levels.”

About 50 clubs from all over B&H participated with their attendants in this year’s Grassroots Week festivals.

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