Temporary Reception Camp Miral in Velika Kladusa blocked

An extended meeting of the Operational Group for Coordination of Activities and Supervision of the Migrant Crisis in the Una-Sana Canton, which was also attended by representatives of the International Organization for Migration (IOM) and the UNHCR, was held on Tuesday in Bihac.

It was concluded at the meeting that it is necessary to reduce the further influx of migrants into the USC area, to ban the transport of migrants in all means of transport, to ban the movement of migrants and gatherings in public areas and to prohibit the provision of accommodation services to migrants.

They instructed the Ministry of Health and Social Policy of the Government of the USC to organize the temporary relocation of minor migrants from the ‘Bira’ center to Wednesday, in cooperation with the Bihac Center for Social Work, IOM and with the assistance of the USC Ministry of Interior Police Directorate.

The Center for the Reception of Vulnerable Categories Borici in Bihac, and the Minister of the Interior of the USC and the Police Commissioner of the USC were instructed to immediately after the relocation of unaccompanied minors from the center of Bira in Bihac, organize the relocation of other users of the center to Lipa in Bihac.

They also instructed the Minister of the Interior of the USC and the Police Commissioner that the Police Directorate of the MUP USC block the temporary reception camp Miral in Velika Kladusa in order to prevent further admission of migrants to that camp, in order to shut it down.

The Task Force asks the BiH Ministry of Security, in cooperation with UN agencies, to organize the relocation of migrants from the Miral Center to the free capacities of state-run camps outside the USC area within 72 hours, and the IOM to, in accordance with needs, organizes emergency medical transport as well as care for vulnerable categories of migrants.

Among other things, they instructed the USC Red Cross to continue organizing the distribution of meals for migrants in reception camps and to coordinate the humanitarian activities of NGOs and individuals, is stated by the Task Force for Coordinating Activities and Monitoring the Migrant Crisis in Una-Sana Canton.

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