The first Case of Coronavirus Infection appeared in Schools in Sarajevo

The first case of coronavirus infection appeared in schools in Sarajevo Canton, was confirmed for “Avaz” by the Minister of Education of Canton Sarajevo, Anis Krivic.

”As the Minister of Education, I was informed about that, the school principal informed me. This is a girl who attends the Elementary School “Malta”. Fortunately, she was not at school at that critical period. As Minister KriviC points out, the girl was most likely got infection from her father, but fortunately they are both in good health. We just got the results that she is positive, the epidemiologist was informed,” he stated.

Minister Krivic points out that this case confirms that the decision made by the Government to maintain a “mixed model” of teaching in Canton Sarajevo was correct.

”The decision we made, the model we prepared, proves to be effective in this case as well, considering that she was not in school but attended online classes. If it had been in the classroom, it is certain that the entire school would have been in isolation, but the combined model of teaching that we prepared for CS enabled us to have online teaching and teaching in the school,” says Minister Krivic.

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