Pilav: There is a Trend of Decreasing Number of newly infected in Sarajevo

In the previous 24 hours, eight new cases of coronavirus infection were recorded in the Sarajevo Canton, while 22 people recovered from the disease caused by the virus in the same period, confirmed today at a press conference the president of the Crisis Staff of the Ministry of Health of Canton Sarajevo Aida Pilav.

She added that there are currently 29 patients in hospital at the Podhrastovi Clinic, none of whom use respirator support when breathing, while two patients have been discharged from this isolator during the past day.

Pilav said that in the period from January 30 to September 24, a total of 4,518 coronavirus patients were registered in the Sarajevo Canton, while 4,208 people were cured, which is an indicator of a good epidemiological situation in CS.

Currently, 229 cases of coronavirus infection are active in Sarajevo Canton. “Based on these data, there is a trend of decreasing the number of newly infected on a daily basis. The reproduction factor that needs to be kept “below one” is very favorable in the Sarajevo Canton and amounts to 0.69. This means that one newly infected person no longer infects any person, so that can be explained “, explained Pilav.

She pointed out that this is a satisfactory result, but it is time to change the seasons. “This is an opportunity to draw attention to the fact that there must be no relaxation. The virus is cut in its activity, but it is there. We must continue to implement epidemiological measures, “Pilav stressed. She added that through the conducted epidemiological surveillance of the newly infected, it can be concluded that family clusters are still in the lead, in which often a larger number of patients appear at the same time.


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