New Rules for Owners of Drones in Bosnia and Herzegovina

The Directorate of Civil Aviation of BiH (BHDCA) informed the owners and operators of drones in Bosnia and Herzegovina that the application of the Rulebook on conditions for conducting flight operations by drones began on September 25.

They remind that this ordinance applies to drones whose mass, before take-off, is from 0.249 kg to 25 kg.

”This way, we invite all owners and operators of drones in BiH to submit a request for registration of drones in the records of the BHDCA. When submitting a request for registration of a drone in the records, the owner or operator of the drone should submit a completed application with attachments to the BHDCA, after which the BHDCA, within 30 days, issues a Certificate of Records. You can see the procedure for entering the drone in the BHDCA records on the official website,” it was stated from the Directorate on Saturday.

More information regarding the passing of exams in the knowledge of aviation regulations in BiH for drone operators and operational approvals for aerial work by drones, BHDCA will subsequently publish on the official website.

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