Tegeltija: 15 Million BAM for the Health Sector in Bosnia and Herzegovina

The Chairman of the Council of Ministers, Zoran Tegeltija, stated that at the next session of this institution, a decision should be made on allocating almost 15 million BAM for the health sector in Bosnia and Herzegovina.

In a conversation with Hayat Television, Tegeltija specified that it is about 14.9 million BAM and that it is part of a total of 42 million BAM of direct aid from the Council of Ministers of Economy and Health due to the coronavirus pandemic from savings in the budget of joint institutions, Vijesti.ba news portal reports.

”Those 42 million are 5.5 percent of our original income,” Tegeltija added. According to him, the remaining part of the funds is intended for the real sector, primarily for the recovery of international airports, companies dealing with public passenger transport, especially international transport, tourism and catering, and exporters.

”My personal opinion is that we must help cultural institutions and sports federations,” Tegeltija pointed out, stating that the opening of cultural institutions and sports events for visitors will depend exclusively on the assessment of the health sector.

The chairman of the Council of Ministers denied that the entities made the decision to open BiH’s borders to foreigners, stating that this was done after obtaining a clear position from health workers.

“We could have opened the borders without their position, but we could not put them at risk,” said Tegeltija. Tegeltija is convinced that since the beginning of the coronavirus pandemic, the Council of Ministers has done everything that was within its competence, and that was necessary for the citizens of BiH.

”From March 5, when the case of the first patient in BiH was recorded, until yesterday, when the information on BiH’s accession to the global story of vaccine procurement was adopted, there was a point about a pandemic at every session,” stated the chairman of the Council of Ministers.

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