Islamic Community in Bosnia and Herzegovina has very good Relations with Mayor of Banja Luka


Reisu-l-ulema of the Islamic Community in Bosnia and Herzegovina Husein-ef. Kavazovic talked on Thursday in the Majlis of the Islamic Community (MIZ) in Banja Luka with Igor Radojicic, the mayor of Banja Luka. Reisu-l-ulema expressed satisfaction with the fact that he is visiting the Islamic Community in Banja Luka, and that he had the opportunity to meet and talk with Mayor Radojicic about issues that are important for the Islamic Community.

”We agreed that the relations in Banja Luka, when it comes to the City and the Islamic Community, are very good, and that they are on the rise. We have renovated almost all the mosques in this city, there is still time to rebuild Arnaudia. We do not have any disputable issues and we hope that it will remain so,” – reis-l-ulema Kavazovic emphasized.

On behalf of the Islamic Community, he thanked Mayor Radojicic, as he said, for his understanding and everything that has been done so far.

”Banja Luka is an important center for the Islamic Community. I hope that relations will continue to improve,” concluded reisu-l-ulema Kavazovic.

Mayor Radojicic pointed out that the city government has very good cooperation with the Banja Luka Mufti’s Office and the Islamic Community and added that the most important thing is that all peoples live well here, that all three religious communities have normal conditions for development and work.

”The city authorities have initiated and here, together with the Republic of Turkey and the Mufti of Banja Luka, we are in the process of rebuilding the Clock Tower. I hope that we will enter this business very soon, because it is part of the historical treasure of the city of Banja Luka,” stated Radojicic.

As he pointed out, the City also supports the work of “Merhamet” in Banja Luka, and cooperates on other issues important for the work of the Islamic Community.

(Source: Vijesti.ba, Preporod)

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