Council of Ministers to analyze Proposition of Little Schengen

Sefik Dzaferovic, the Chairman of the Presidency of Bosnia and Herzegovina, told reporters on Thursday after three sessions of the Presidency of BiH that, before the discussion on emergency sessions began, Komsic proposed not to comment on any of the issues neither about recognition of Kosovo, nor about the transfer of the BiH embassy to Jerusalem, Nezavisne reports.

“Dodik did not agree and we voted, Komsic and I voted not to move the embassy to Jerusalem and I think that is the right move of the Presidency. After that, we held a session at Komsic’s request, Komsic and I voted to recognize Kosovo. The procedure is such that we go to the second round of voting, and if it is voted like this in the second round, Dodik will ask for a session of the National Assembly of Republika Srpska and probably, in the end, no decision will pass, “said Dzaferovic.

Asked what the vote of the members of the Presidency on the relocation of the embassy to Jerusalem and the recognition of Kosovo would mean, he said that the decision was not final and that another session would have to be held.

“It is known how it will end, neither Kosovo will be recognized, nor the embassy will be moved. When another session is held, Dodik will withdraw the issue of national vital interest,” Dzaferovic said.

Speaking about the regular session, he said that the Presidency asked for assessments, ie analyzes of the advantages and disadvantages of “Little Schengen”, and that the Council of Ministers should submit that to the Presidency within a month.

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