Drivers in Bosnia and Herzegovina owe over 73 Million BAM!

Drivers in Bosnia and Herzegovina owe an incredible 73,692,000 BAM for traffic violations, the Agency for Identification Documents (IDDEEA) confirmed to Avaz news portal.

According to their data, drivers in the Federation of BiH owe more than 46 million BAM for traffic violations, and drivers in the Republika Srpska 23 million BAM, while those from the Brcko District owe more than 3.3 million marks.

It sounds unreal that there are arrogant drivers who owe up to 200,000 marks for violations.

“The infamous record holder in BiH is the driver from Sarajevo, who owes as much as 207,553 BAM. Behind him are two drivers from Brcko, with 83,970 and 80,228 marks each. When it comes to Republika Srpska, the driver from Modrica owes the most, who has collected 74,944 marks of fines so far,” confirmed IDDEEA.

The most common offenses are speeding, not wearing a seat belt and driving a faulty vehicle, and drivers often “forget” to turn on the lights and park their vehicles improperly.

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