Citizens in Gorazde are against non-transparent Process of Building of River Embankment


An informal group of citizens “Save the Drina River” from the city of Gorazde, informed interested citizens about the fight against the non-transparent process of building the river embankment, more precisely, the construction of a wall on the river Drina through the very center of Gorazde.

This group of citizens reminds that their fight for saving the Drina River started in April this year with a protest rally announcing more radical measures, in case a more adequate solution is not found for the embankment that would have flood protection purpose on the Drina River.

At that time, a petition was signed in the settlement of Luka, which had only one request to stop the construction of the wall in the settlement of Luka.

“We are not giving up our fight to save the Drina River. We are looking for a reaction from the authorities in charge of the disputed construction, and we repeat the question of how this building can go on without an urban and building permits, without public debate and citizens’ participation. We will not give up on our demands, because this is our river and our city, and we do not plan to allow it to be destroyed for the sake of the interests of certain individuals,” pointed out the representative of the informal group of citizens, Amar Imamovic.

The floods that hit Gorazde in early December 2010, due to heavy rainfall and uncontrolled discharge of water from the HPP “Piva” Mratinje, which caused the citizens of this city a total damage of more than 15 million BAM, were a sign to local authorities that they must take certain measures to prevent a similar disaster in the future.

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