SIPA arrested One Person for Killing Four Bosniak Civilians


On the order of the prosecutor of the Special Department for War Crimes, SIPA police officers located in the Ugljevik area and arrested Ratko Đurković, born in 1943, former commander of the 1st Battalion of 1st Majevica Brigade of the Army of Republika Srpska VRS.

The said suspect is under investigation in the case of the Special Department for War Crimes against the suspects Ratko Đurković and Radomir Nedić, former commander of the 1st Majevica Brigade.

They are charged that, during a widespread and systematic attack on the Bosniak civilian population, knowing of the attack and that their actions formed part of that attack, they as VRS commanders, who had effective control over their units, failed to prevent the killing of civilians and prisoners and, after the crime, to take any actions to prosecute and punish the perpetrators for the crime committed in the village of Tursunovo Brdo, Teočak, Ugljevik municipality in July 1992.

During the attack, military forces commanded by the suspects killed 4 Bosniak civilians, as well as two members of the Army of the Republic of BiH, who had previously been captured.

The suspects are charged as commanders for the criminal offences of Crimes against Humanity under Article 172 (1) (h) of the Criminal Code of Bosnia and Herzegovina /BiH CC/ as read with paragraph (a) thereof, and War Crimes against Prisoners of War under Article 175 (1) (a) of the BiH CC, all in conjunction with with Article 180 (2) of the BiH CC.

The suspect Đurković has been deprived of liberty and, within a period set by law, will be handed over to the case prosecutor who will interview him.

In relation to the suspect Nedić, the case prosecutor will, after collecting all the information and data on his health condition, decide on further activities with regard to the suspect.



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