Minister of Security of Bosnia and Herzegovina visited the BiH Border Police

Minister of Security of Bosnia and Herzegovina Selmo Cikotic visited the BiH Border Police on Thursday, where he met with BiH Border Police Director Zoran Galic, Deputy Director Fahrudin Halac and Assistant Director for Organization and Operations Dragan Kulic.

At the meeting, they discussed the situation at the state border and the situation with illegal migration, with an emphasis on the eastern border and Una-Sana Canton, where the migratory pressure is the greatest.

Also, those present at the meeting discussed the measures that need to be taken in order to more effectively deal with the migrant crisis and the problems faced by the BiH Border Police, especially when it comes to lack of staff.

Director Galic said that almost all available human and material-technical resources were reallocated to the eastern and northeastern part of the border.

“The border police is redistributing the existing personnel capacities to the parts of the border where the migration pressure is greatest. We have the help of other police agencies, but that is not enough to adequately answer the migration issue,” said director Galic.

Minister Cikotic pointed out that the BiH Border Police will have the support of the BiH Ministry of Security in its activities and that it will focus on more effective control of the state border and strengthening the capacity of the BiH Border Police.

Both interlocutors emphasized the importance of improving cooperation and involving all levels of government for more efficient management of the migrant crisis in BiH.

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