Removal Orders issued by BiH’s Service for Foreigners’ Affairs for 60 Foreign Citizens


Carrying out the intensified activities, the Service for Foreigners’ Affairs removed 60 foreign citizens to the countries of origin or to the country that accepts them, and of that number, 29 people were returned to Serbia, four to Montenegro, and 14 of them to the countries from which they came, that is, another 13 of them returned voluntarily, Klix.ba news portal reports.

Pursuant to the Readmission Agreement, the Service for Foreigners Affairs removed 33 foreign citizens from the territory of Bosnia and Herzegovina. Namely, these are foreigners who were under surveillance in the Immigration Center of the Service and who were sentenced to expulsion from the territory of Bosnia and Herzegovina due to illegal stay.

Operational work in the procedure that preceded the removal, established that the persons resided in the Republic of Serbia and Montenegro before arriving on the territory of Bosnia and Herzegovina, and 29 persons were returned to Serbia and four to Montenegro.

They are 18 citizens of Pakistan, five citizens of Bangladesh, five citizens of Afghanistan, two citizens of Algeria, one citizen of Turkey, one citizen of Iraq and one citizen of Albania.

As part of measures and activities to combat illegal migration, in cooperation with the Service for Foreigners and the International Organization for Migration, through the Assisted Voluntary Return Program, 14 people were removed from the territory of Bosnia and Herzegovina to their countries of origin, eight of them Iraqi citizens, four a citizen of Tunisia and two Pakistanis.

The Service for Foreigners Affairs issued a measure of expulsion to the persons in question due to illegal stay on the territory of Bosnia and Herzegovina, with a ban on entry and stay for a period of one year.

Also, the Service for Foreigners Affairs independently realized voluntary return for 13 citizens of Turkey, who were returned to their country of origin after the procedures.

The service is continuously working to find evidence that can be used in the readmission process, as well as to raise the awareness of migrants about the importance and benefits of voluntary return to their countries of origin.

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