Norwegian Investors interested in Investing in Energy Sector in Bosnia and Herzegovina


Minister of Foreign Trade and Economic Relations of Bosnia and Herzegovina Stasa Kosarac received on Monday in an inaugural visit the Ambassador of the Kingdom of Norway to BiH Olav Reinertsen.

Kosarac wished Ambassador Reinertsen success in his future work and expressed gratitude for the help and support provided by the Kingdom of Norway to BiH, with an emphasis on EU integration.

The interlocutors agreed that bilateral relations between the two countries are good and friendly and that it is necessary to improve and intensify foreign trade cooperation.

Ambassador Reinertsen informed Minister Kosarac that the Kingdom of Norway is actively working on establishing a business association in BiH in order to more efficiently connect businessmen from the two countries. He reminded that the Kingdom of Norway supported the establishment of business incubators in Sarajevo, Banja Luka, Mostar and Tuzla.

During the meeting, it was pointed out that Norwegian investors are interested in investing in the energy sector in BiH, with a focus on renewable energy sources, as well as in the field of information technologies, the Ministry of Foreign Trade and Economic Relations of BiH stated on Monday.

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