Foreign Minister of BiH: Important Day for better Relations between Serbia and Kosovo


Minister of Foreign Affairs of Bosnia and Herzegovina Bisera Turkovic welcomed the signing of an agreement on the normalization of economic relations in the White House, in Washington, between Serbia and Kosovo, which marks progress and normalization of relations in the region.

Minister Turkovic pointed out that the economic cooperation of the countries in the region can be a model for building better relations and stronger connections, which will contribute to the improvement of the standard of living of all citizens.

Turkovic believes that this was an important day for better relations between Serbia and Kosovo, and she sincerely hopes that the results of this agreement will bring a better life to the citizens.

“We congratulate the US administration on its perseverance, which has been making huge efforts to improve relations in the region over the years. I sincerely hope that this, but also future initiatives, will be a wind in the back of all countries in the region on their way to the European Union and NATO.

Bosnia and Herzegovina is committed and has worked intensively towards building good relations with its neighbors, but also the entire region, and therefore we sincerely welcome any agreement in this part of Europe, especially agreements that address economic issues and infrastructure construction in the region,” said BiH Foreign Minister Turkovic.

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