Five Thousand Patients examined in Month and a Half in Emergency Center of the General Hospital in Sarajevo


In the Emergency Center of the General Hospital ‘Prim. dr. Abdulah Nakas ‘Sarajevo, in the period from July 17 to August 31 this year, 4,753 patients were examined and 399 outpatient surgeries were performed.

A total of 1,341 patients were admitted to hospital. At the same time, 1,443 patients received health care and were discharged home. In about forty days, 1,067 operations were performed, 583 planned, 159 were emergency and 325 were outpatient.

There were 156 births in that period. Hundreds of patients were examined in all hospital specialist – consultative dispensaries, and there were almost 10 thousand examinations in the Department of Radiology alone.

“These impressive results are the product of the vision of the new management of the General Hospital, led by prof. dr. Ismet Gavrankapetanovic, as well as the hard and dedicated work of the staff of this health institution,” it was announced from the General Hospital.

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