Security Minister meets with the UN Resident Coordinator in BiH Ingrid Macdonald


The priority of the Ministry of Security of Bosnia and Herzegovina and competent agencies is to make a step forward in the security aspect of managing the migrant situation in Bosnia and Herzegovina, primarily by strengthening control and surveillance of the eastern border to reduce the entry of illegal migrants.

At the same time, an important segment is ensuring adequate humanitarian conditions and taking care of migrants on the territory of Bosnia and Herzegovina said Minister of Security of Bosnia and Herzegovina Selmo Cikotic during a meeting in Sarajevo with the United Nations Resident Coordinator in Bosnia and Herzegovina Ingrid Macdonald.

The interlocutors emphasized the importance of continuing cooperation between BiH and the UN in this area and providing assistance to BiH institutions responsible for migration management, the BiH Ministry of Security announced.

On this occasion, Minister Cikotic informed Macdonald about the concrete steps he intends to take in resolving this security and humanitarian problem, which is particularly burdensome for the Una-Sana Canton.

He stressed the importance of ensuring adequate conditions for the accommodation of migrants and their relocation from the streets and urban areas, which would reduce the pressure on the population and the economy of local communities.

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