Young People from Srebrenica called Diaspora: Do it for the Sake of Future Generations

A group of young Srebrenica residents, born after the 1995 genocide, who returned to their parents’ birthplaces, today called on all Srebrenica residents at home and abroad to register to vote by mail (refugees and temporary residents outside Bosnia and Herzegovina) and absentee voting (displaced persons in the Federation).

“We want all the children of Srebrenica, no matter where they are today, to participate and vote in the elections. It has never been more important, for those who have Srebrenica in their hearts, to take some time and register for the elections. Do it for a generation that the future of this region is coming, us who have returned, “they said in a letter to the public.

The application deadline is August 31 and the time is getting shorter. But young returnees to Srebrenica believe their vote is important.

“The vote in the elections is a vote for a chance to have schools without discrimination, to have the opportunity to work and live from our work, to have the opportunity to make Srebrenica a home and a city where everyone will be welcome. We do not want the phrase of reconciliation to be used, “the pre-election trick, as well as living in fear of hate speech and new calls on killings. Our day has come, the day when we can all proudly say that Srebrenica is our address, no matter where we are,” the letter concluded.

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