Germany allocated 600,000 Euros for Sustainable System of Reception and Integration of BiH Nationals


Deputy Minister for Human Rights and Refugees of Bosnia and Herzegovina Dzevad Mahmutovic and Vice President at the Office for Migration and Refugees of the Federal Republic of Germany Andrea Schumacher signed an Agreement on the implementation of the project “Support to the system of reception and integration of nationals of Bosnia and Herzegovina  who return under readmission agreement”.

This agreement, worth 600,000 euros, is of great importance for fulfilling the international obligations of Bosnia and Herzegovina in order to establish a functional and sustainable system of reception and integration of BiH nationals returning to our country under readmission agreement.

Fulfillment of this obligation was one of the key conditions for visa liberalization for citizens of Bosnia and Herzegovina upon entering the countries of the European Union, and its efficiency and sustainability is one of the conditions for European integration of our country.

The Ministry of Human Rights and Refugees, with the financial support of donors, has made significant progress in achieving the set goals by establishing a Readmission Center, providing temporary accommodation to readmitted persons, within which 45 housing units were repaired and equipped. The Ministry also formed local readmission teams of commissioners in 30 cities and municipalities and appointed cantonal coordinators.

Inclusion of all local communities in BiH in the system of reception and integration of BiH nationals returning to BiH under readmission agreements is planned with the implementation of this project, in cooperation with the competent entity and cantonal institutions.

This is a kind of guarantee of keeping the visa-free regime for BiH citizens upon joining the European Union, but also a responsible approach to obligations whose implementation depends on the further progress of our country towards membership in the European Union, announced the Ministry of Human Rights and Refugees of Bosnia and Herzegovina.

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