Sales and Exports of Prefabricated Houses in Bosnia and Herzegovina are booming

While almost all branches of the economy are recording losses, sales of prefabricated houses in Bosnia and Herzegovina are booming, and the wood industry is recording better results than last year, eKapija business news portal reports.

In one company based in Bijeljina, which is engaged in the production of prefabricated houses, the placement has increased by ten percent.

In the midst of the coronavirus pandemic, when exports declined and sales stagnated, this became the number one export product from Semberija.

Wooden prefabricated houses from Semberija are exported to all parts of Europe including Germany, Austria, Switzerland, Spain, and they even ended up in Angola.

The Steko Center, the only company in Bijeljina that deals with the production of prefabricated houses, says that these days they have their hands full and that exports have increased by about ten percent.

According to the data of the Foreign Trade Chamber of Bosnia and Herzegovina, the export of wooden prefabricated houses in the first half of this year is on average higher by eight percent compared to the same period last year.

At the time of the pandemic, many decided to move from apartment buildings to prefabricated houses in nature.

The advantage of these houses is the speed of construction, which is why more and more Europeans are opting for them.

From bungalows to cottages and wooden houses, all the way to large villas. Prefabricated houses are becoming the standard of construction in Europe, and more and more in our country as well. The price per square meter is from 400 to 750 marks, and the installation lasts from 15 to 30 days and after a month you have a house ready to move in.

The placement of wooden prefabricated houses makes about two percent of the total export in the wood sector of Republika Srpska entity.

According to the RS Chamber of Commerce, although the wood industry is declining in exports on a semi-annual basis, the placement of products in this sector is still higher than imports, which is encouraging, especially during the pandemic.

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