When will Canton Sarajevo Government start Functioning in Full?

The emergency session of the Sarajevo Canton Assembly was interrupted today at the request of Zvonko Maric, SBB party MP. Today, the deputies discussed the Proposal of the decision on accepting the resignation and dismissal of the Minister of Health of Canton Sarajevo, Rusmir Mesihovic, and the Minister of Labor, Social Policy, Displaced Persons and Refugees, Jasna Agic.

Maric cited “disagreement in procedures” as the reason, after MPs Mahir Devic (SDA) and Elmedin Konakovic of the People and Justice (NiP) discussed the role of the Commission for Elections, Appointments and Administrative Issues of that assembly for more than an hour, Nezavisne Novine reports.

On Wednesday, Mario Nenadic, Prime Minister of CS, proposed the appointment of Anela Mesic as Minister of Labor, Social Policy, Refugees and Displaced Persons at the suggestion of SBB and the appointment of Drazenka Malicbegovic as Minister of Health, as proposed by DF party.

Aljosa Campara (SDA), a member of the CS Assembly, today expressed fierce criticism of the work of the KS Government, which also includes his party, emphasizing that it has been functioning without two ministers for a long time, and proposed the formation of an expert government in Sarajevo.

“My question to the Prime Minister, the Speaker of the Assembly and the club leaders of the ruling coalition is: When will the CS Government be completed and when will it start functioning in full? If we want to be responsible for the health and standard of citizens, then it must happen at the next Assembly session and it is clear that it was realistic to expect us to appoint ministers at this parliamentary session, “Campara said.

He said that he wanted a decisive answer to this question, because in this situation it is very important that CS has an operational government, which can respond to current problems in a professional and efficient way, and not to the question of who will make that government and whose policy will prevail.

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