Federal Public Health Institute updated the Recommendations for preventing the spread of Coronavirus in Shops in BiH



The Public Health Institute of the Federation of Bosnia and Herzegovina has updated the recommendations for preventing the spread of coronavirus in shops, services, small crafts and shopping malls, and the novelty is the possibility of trying on clothes in store cabins again.

But before that, there is one condition that must be met by the trader. Namely, for textile shops, it is recommended to sell without trying on those garments that are worn over the head.

Such clothing must be stored for 24 hours in the designated area before being put back on sale, and the same applies to return garments.

However, the Institute has also issued an important alternative that allows you to try on clothes in stores. In order to practice this, it is necessary for stores to have devices that can iron clothes using high-temperature steam to disinfect the material.

“If the characteristics of the material allow, it is possible to treat these garments by ironing at a higher temperature using steam. Ventilate and disinfect booths more often than other areas, as well as avoid crowding when using them and ensure physical distance according to the recommendations,” it is stated in the measure of the Institute of Public Health of Federation of BiH.

(David Williams/Bloomberg via Getty Images)

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