Minister Dapo: Bosnia and Herzegovina to open Borders to Citizens of Turkey

At the next session of the Government of the Federation of Bosnia and Herzegovina, the Federal Minister of Environment and Tourism Edita Djapo will send a request to the Federal Government to officially address the Council of Ministers of BiH and request an urgent opening of the border for citizens of Turkey, USA and Eastern countries.

Although Minister Dapo has been asking the Council of Ministers of BiH for a long time to make a decision on opening the border for the citizens of Turkey, the USA and the countries of the East, this has not happened yet without any explanation, news portal reports.

“On the other hand, Turkey, as a state, has completely opened its borders to BiH citizens and can enter without any administrative barriers. It is also important to point out that Turkey has the lowest number of coronavirus infections, so looking at statistics, it is unclear why that country is blacklisted. We can learn a lot from Turkey about how to use a scanner to control tourists at airports on arrival, so it is almost impossible for an infected person to come to you, whoever has a fever, is discreetly called and tested at airports,” Dapo said.

However, regardless of that, the Council of Ministers of BiH should, after the opening of the border, prescribe the conditions for entering BiH in the sense that guests submit a negative test for coronavirus or in some other way.

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