First in the Region: Smart Traffic Light to be installed in Bosnia and Herzegovina

Representatives of the company “Prointer ITSS” will set up the first smart traffic light in the Banja Luka settlement of Lazarevo, which will collect all information about the movement of vehicles and pedestrians, warn of crowds and potential danger, and give recommendations.

The project is worth 50,000 BAM and is one of the 10 approved for the innovation challenge “Banja Luka – the city of the future! Let’s imagine 2030 together!”, which is jointly implemented by the UN Development Program and the Banja Luka City Administration, Prointer announced, N1 News portal reports.

“It is about the so-called adaptive traffic management with the help of cameras that are placed on the traffic light and collect a` live` image. Thus, the traffic light becomes `smarter`, ie` gets eyes`, drivers do not fall into traffic jams, and pedestrians wait less,” it is stated in a statement.

An innovative technological solution, the first in the region, was offered by the head of the automation sector in the company “Prointer”, Goran Starcevic, together with his team.

Starcevic explained that the cameras monitor the flow of traffic in real-time and send the data to the appropriate device – the controller.

“In fact, it regulates traffic on the basis of the obtained data. It is especially important that he can recognize vehicles with rotation, such as ambulances, firefighters, police and allow them to pass,” said Starcevic.

In “Prointer”, they point out that it is also important that the controller can be easily installed at any location because it does not require a change in the existing infrastructure.

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