Eurowings apologizes to Citizens of Bih who were prevented from Flying from Stuttgart to Sarajevo

The Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Bosnia and Herzegovina, through the Embassy of Bosnia and Herzegovina in Berlin, contacted representatives of German institutions and Eurowings during the day after passengers, citizens of Bosnia and Herzegovina, were not allowed to board a Eurowings flight in Stuttgart without a negative PCR test.

Namely, on August 10th this year, the Eurowings Directorate apologized for the inconvenience that citizens of BiH had on that flight due to the mentioned case.

They stated that all passengers, at their request, will overbook tickets, while any other material damages and the like, may be the subject of a personal request to the company “Eurowings” or the subject of civil proceedings before German courts.

Consequently, the Embassy of BiH in Berlin informed all our citizens who had inconveniences at the airport in Stuttgart about contacts with the German authorities and the management of the company “Eurowings” and that the Embassy in Berlin and the Consulate General in Stuttgart, in accordance with their powers, are at the service of all BiH citizens who need consular assistance.

The Ministry of Foreign Affairs of BiH reminds that BiH citizens, when entering our country, in addition to the BiH passport, neither need any additional document, nor confirmation of a negative test for coronavirus, Avaz news portal reports.

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