Will the Death of a Young Mother from Sarajevo finally wake up the irresponsible ones?

The death of thirty-seven years old Belma Soljanin, a young mother of three children from Sarajevo who was infected with coronavirus, shocked many who did not know her.

Too many young people have died since the onset of the coronavirus epidemic, and especially during the summer and it is high time that everyone individually wondered if they had done enough to protect both themselves and the people around them, Klix.ba news portal reports.

This is the first and basic step that should be reviewed on an ongoing basis.

Belma Soljanin was one of those who was responsible and called for responsibility in the time of the coronavirus. She has dedicated the last six years to mothers and babies, founding first a Facebook group dedicated to counseling young mothers facing a number of challenges, all of which later grew into the founding of the Mother and Child Institute.

Thousands of mothers today sighed at the news that this hard-working and engaged person had lost the battle after severe coronavirus-induced pneumonia.

Even before Belma, Bosnia and Herzegovina lost several more extremely young people as a result of the pandemic.

The question is how much we have wondered since March, when the first cases of coronavirus were recorded in our country until today, whether we are responsible and whether we have all done enough to save young lives and the lives of everyone in general.

With all the shortcomings of the health care system, waiting for the famous journey of the patient and much more, the personal attitude towards the pandemic is primary and probably the most important.

Therefore, today, as never before, it is more important to work on responsible behavior, to wear masks and ask for masks to be worn, to avoid large risk groups, to calculate that we may save someone’s life and to correct the wrong, as we aspired in March and April.

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