Name of Ratko Mladic written over Srebrenica Graffiti in Germany

At several locations in Mannheim, Germany, there are public walls where graffiti is allowed to be drawn, for which no permit is required.

Thus, on the eve of July 11th, the “Alija Izetbegovic” congregation made graffiti dedicated to the genocide in Srebrenica, and almost a month later, the name of war criminal Ratko Mladic was written over it, Avaz news portal reports.

The graffiti of the Mannheim congregation reads “Srebrenica Never Forget” with the motif of the Flower of Srebrenica, the number of killed and the date of July 11, 1995.

As Edis Bosnjak, the author of the graffiti about Srebrenica, told Al Jazeera Balkans, messages of peace, respect and tolerance are left on the walls with pictures or words.

However, yesterday, the name of Ratko Mladic’s war crime was written over the graffiti dedicated to Srebrenica, and four Cyrillic letters S were drawn.

“Nevertheless, we see that the small community of Serbs in Manheim, where they live in a democratic society and state, cultivates a pathological disease of hatred and intolerance, glorifying Chetnik criminals,” said Bosnjak.

At the meeting of the Committee, it was decided to inform the police about the incident, to find the authors of the disputed graffiti, and to hire a lawyer in order to file a report due to hatred and denial of genocide.

The mayor of Mannheim will also be informed about everything.

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