Six Hundred Young People traveled by Bus from Bosnia and Herzegovina to Istanbul amid Pandemic

Despite the increase in the number of infected people and recommendations to reduce the number of contacts as well as larger gatherings,  close to 600 participants of the Student March went by bus to Istanbul from all parts of Bosnia and Herzegovina, news portal reports.

The young people have decided on a journey of more than 1,100 kilometers in one direction, despite the coronavirus and the fact that they will spend a lot of time indoors surrounded by colleagues.

Buses departed from Sarajevo, Tuzla, Zenica, Bihac, Banja Luka, Doboj, Kakanj and Visoko.

One of the organizers, Ahmed Nurković, told on the eve of his departure from Sarajevo that this is the 10th traditional trip to Istanbul and that this year there are significantly fewer participants than in previous years.

“Last year there were 2,500 of us. Because of coronavirus, tourism has now fallen. We have gathered about 600 participants who are ready to travel this time as well. It was uncertain because Bulgaria had closed its borders, but they opened them on Friday,” said Nurkovic.

When asked how the basic epidemiological measures will be respected during this long trip, Nurkovic said that the organizers made an effort to satisfy all the recommendations of the crisis headquarters. He believes that there is always a risk that someone will get infected, on a trip or at home.

“All participants must have masks, there are disinfectants at the entrances to buses and the temperature is measured. There is always a risk of someone getting infected, both here and at home. People get sick, they don’t even know who their contact was because the virus has spread quite a bit. Although there is a risk, the economy is going, measures have been lifted, life goes on. And tourism workers have to work, this is our way of working,” he said.

Six hundred young people will be on this trip for the next seven days. 

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