Mural painted in Sarajevo to draw Attention to the Problem of Violence against Women


In Zetra Olympic Complex, a mural called “What is hidden behind a mask” was painted on the wall, which aims to draw attention to the increased number of cases of violent behavior towards women, especially during the pandemic.

As part of the ten-month program “Promoting Democratic Values and Active Citizenship among Youth”, sponsored by Humanity in Action, four young people motivated by specific experiences caused by changing life dynamics due to the coronavirus pandemic decided to investigate violence against women during isolation, news portal reports.

Kerim Hodzic, Senior fellow Humanity in Action, and a team of young artists from the Academy of Fine Arts in Sarajevo, helped realize and draw a mural on the wall in Zetra.

The problem of violence experienced by women has been present in societies around the world for many years, and the introduction of restrictive measures that include domestic isolation has resulted in an increase in cases of violence against women.

The goal of drawing a mural and making a film is to raise awareness about this problem and encourage victims, but also those who witness violence, to react and report the same to the competent authorities.


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