Dzaferovic: Establishment of Institute for Protection of Entity interest shows Absurdity of Dodik’s Actions


“The latest establishing of the institute of the protection of entity interest, as determined by the Constitution of Bosnia and Herzegovina, and not the so-called protection of vital national interest, as some refer to it, once again shows the absurdity of Milorad Dodik’s actions, as well as the absurdity of constitutional provisions that are not precise enough and thus allow for such behavior,” is stated from the Presidency of BiH.

After Milorad Dodik, about a year ago, initiated the procedure of determining that certain issues linked to the territory of the Federation of Bosnia and Herzegovina are harmful to the interests of another BiH entity of Republika Srpska, with which the issue had nothing to do, and then that the visit of the Montenegrin President Milo Dukanovic to Bosnia and Herzegovina, was allegedly harmful to the interests of the Republika Srpska, now with this new initiation of the procedure of determining that three more issues are allegedly harmful to the vital entity interest (VEI), he has thus surpassed himself, showing the complete absurdity of his moves.


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