Funeral Service held for Nine Victims of Srebrenica Genocide

After the noon prayer, a funeral service began in Potocari for nine victims of the Srebrenica genocide. The funeral was led by the head of the Islamic Community in Bosnia and Herzegovina, Husein Kavazović.

Twenty-five years after the genocide, Sead (Huso) Hasanović, Alija (Bekto) Suljić, Hasan (Alija) Pezić, Hasib (Šaban) Hasanović, Zuhdija (Suljo) Avdagić, Bajro (Ramo) Salihović, Ibrahim (Hamid) Zukanović, Salko (Ahmo) Ibisević and Kemal (Husein) Music, will finally find their peace.

Although there are significantly fewer people at the funeral than usual due to the coronavirus, there are thousands of people present at the Srebrenica-Potocari Memorial Center, Avaz news portal reports.

They said the prayer for these nine victims, and they are praying for the remains of the remaining Srebrenica victims to be found so that their families can bury them. Before the funeral, Armin Muzaferija performed the “Martyrs” and “Srebrenica Inferno”.

“Despite all the difficulties, life in Srebrenica is being renewed. I believe that the Muslims, Orthodox, Catholics and Jews of this city will find the strength to understand each other and help each other. All good people need to help Srebrenica, but not by keeping quiet about what happened. Srebrenica should become a place of culture of remembrance. We gathered to remember our loved ones through prayer. We believe that our martyrs are alive and that they are looking forward to our visit and our prayer,” said Kavazovic.

(Photo A.Bajric for Avaz)

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