Alarming: 1,263 People Coronavirus Positive, 21 Died in only Eight Days


In Bosnia and Herzegovina, 1,263 people were diagnosed with coronavirus in the first eight days of July, and 21 deaths were recorded.

This is shown by the data of the Ministry of Civil Affairs (MCA) of BiH, according to which a total of 5,869 cases of infection have been confirmed in our country so far, according to Vijesti.ba news portal.

Of that number, 248 people fell ill in the last 24 hours, 76 people were cured, while two died.

According to the MDA, by the first day of July, 4,606 cases of the infection had been confirmed in BiH, of which 2,314 in Republika Srpska, 2,263 in the Federation of Bosnia and Herzegovina and 29 in the Brcko District.

Today, eight days later, we have 1,263 new cases of coronavirus across the country, of which 499 in RS, 752 in FBiH and 12 in Brcko.

As of July 1, 188 deaths were recorded in BiH as a result of the coronavirus, of which 125 in the RS, 58 in the FBiH, and five in the Brcko District. In the past eight days, the coronavirus has claimed 21 lives, nine in the RS and 12 in the FBiH. There were no deaths in Brcko at that time.


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