Spotted by Locals: Five Best Cafes with a View Over Sarajevo


Sarajevo is a city in a valley, surrounded by many hills that offer great vantage points for beautiful views over the city. But what if, after climbing those hills, you want a spot to sit, relax and grab a drink? Or what if you just want a nice quiet spot over the city, a place to go with a book for a day off, with gorgeous views from sunrise to sunset? Spotted by Locals has a team of locals in Sarajevo, and they have the answers. Here is a collection of five of their favorite spots for a coffee with a view.


Kamarija Point of View, Photo credit Omanovic Aida


Kamarija is a very refreshing and unique little place, with an exterior that looks like a little, white tree house. It’s conceptualized as a natural outdoor cafe (although there is an inside area as well) surrounded by trees and shade, and boasts an exquisite view over Sarajevo. This cafe is a relaxation epicenter: no crowd, no city noise, just nature and you. As a bonus, the cafe plays a variety of great music too, a combination of pop-rock evergreens, Latin and Gypsy music. The drinks are tasty and the staff is friendly, making this spot a perfect getaway.


Caffe Hecco, Photo credit Maranta Vego


You wouldn’t normally notice this spot as you stroll along the streets of the city, but there is a good reason to check out what’s inside. The 10th floor of the Hotel Hecco Deluxe hides a small restaurant which, after breakfast, turns into a simple coffee spot with an amazing view over Sarajevo. A narrow terrace goes along all four sides of the building and you can walk all the way around, giving you a chance to look from different corners and angles. Take the opportunity to snap some cool photos, and afterwards settle in with a coffee while you enjoy the sounds and sights of the city below.


Caffe 105, Photo credit Omanovic Aida



Located atop Grdonj, one of the tallest hills around the city, Caffe 105 is a true oasis with a stunning view. The only catch is that it’s a little harder to reach because of the narrow road, but once you’ve made it up here, the energy recharge (at 700m!) can begin. Enjoy the views while taking part in (alcohol-free) drinks and traditional Bosnian meals and cakes at low prices. The best time to come is before noon; free single tables are hard to come by later. And once you’re free of the city noise, surrounded by the tall evergreen trees and a fantastic landscape, you’ll understand why.


Gonul Kahvesi Sarajevo


This is a great place to come with friends, and to take photos capturing the sunlight and shadows over the city. Gonul Kahvesi is cozy, warm and welcoming with a great selection of tasty modern food. There are enough options for coffee alone to keep you there all day, plus a variety of other hot drinks and ice cream. At the end of a long work day, there is nothing better than enjoying a great hot chocolate with a view over the city lights.


Zmajevac, Photo credit Naida Kurdija

Zmajevac is a very popular hill spot with a cute restaurant where you’ll find coffee or tea, as well as a bite to eat if you’re hungry. This is a truly enjoyable spot – especially the view. You can see other hills and mountains that surround Sarajevo like Trebević, Igman and Bjelašnica. The hilltop can be reached by walking from the old part of the city, although busses and cabs are also available. Stay around for a while to catch the beautiful sunset. If you’re lucky, you might even get to hold the sun in your hands.

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