Twenty New Cases of Coronavirus Infection in Sarajevo

According to the data of the Institute of Public Health of the Sarajevo Canton, 309 tests were processed in the past 24 hours, and 20 people were confirmed to have a coronavirus infection in Sarajevo.

A total of 38 people were hospitalized in the Isolation of the Clinical Center of the University of Sarajevo, all of them are vitally stable and none of them is on a respirator.

Since the beginning of the pandemic in Sarajevo Canton, 14,611 people have been tested for coronavirus.

To date, 705 infected people have been confirmed, of whom 148 have been cured.

Seven people have died since the pandemic was declared in Sarajevo Canton. Four have been relocated for treatment from BiH, while there are currently 546 active cases of COVID infection. Based on the recommendations of epidemiologists, decisions of the inspection or the Ministry of Health of CS, from June 22 to July 6 this year, 873 self-isolations were ordered.

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