Zvizdic extended Congratulations on Occasion of the United States Independence Day


Deputy Speaker of the House of Representatives of the Parliamentary Assembly of Bosnia and Herzegovina Denis Zvizdic extended congratulations to the US Ambassador to BiH Eric Nelson, officials and the American people on the occasion of July 4th, the United States Independence Day.

“Dear friends of Bosnia and Herzegovina, I congratulate you on this great holiday, July 4, Independence Day, that marks the founding of your country. This historical day, as important to the American people, is equally significant to the political history of mankind because it marks the birth of a country based on the universal values of freedom, democracy, and the pursuit of happiness for every human being. Thank you for your continuous support and help to my homeland Bosnia and Herzegovina, as well as for the sincere friendship you showed in the most difficult moments.”

He continued by saying that the cooperation so far has been open and successful, based on sincere relations and mutual understanding, and that he is sure that it will remain so in the future. With sincere faith in the strength of our friendship,  he extend his deepest congratulations on the occasion of Independence Day,” said Zvizdic in his greetings.

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