Dzaferovic: Medical Teams will travel to Sandzak with the Aim of providing Assistance


“Since the worsening situation caused by the coronavirus pandemic in the Sandzak area, I have been in constant contact with representatives of the Bosniak National Council and other Bosniak officials in Sandzak,” said Sefik Dzaferovic, a member of the Presidency of Bosnia and Herzegovina.

He points out that he shares the concern over the new situation and expresses solidarity with the people of Sandzak, Avaz news portal reports.

“I call on the institutions of Bosnia and Herzegovina at all levels to get involved in providing medical and protective equipment. Officials from Sandzak informed me that they needed professional medical help the most. Therefore, I expect that medical teams composed of doctors and other medical staff will be formed in Bosnia and Herzegovina, which would, in cooperation with the institutions of BiH and Serbia, travel to Sandzak with the aim of providing assistance,” says Dzaferovic.

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