Vardiste Border Crossing between Bosnia and Herzegovina and Serbia in Function again


As of Monday, the renovated border crossing Vardiste between Bosnia and Herzegovina and Serbia is in function again after the reconstruction for which 830,000 KM were allocated.

The leader of the team at the Vardiste border crossing, Muhamed Sisic, said that the reconstruction included the construction, the installation of containers for employees at the customs and border police, and a third reversible lane to reduce congestion at the crossing, Biznis Info reports.

“We received infrastructure, a new roof, new containers, equipment, an additional lane in case of increased traffic frequency. It will be much easier for police officers and passengers who come to BiH “, stated Sišic.

The mayor of the municipality of Visegrad, Mladen Durevic, said that during the summer, the crossing was very crowded and that this was a big problem not only for Visegrad, but also for all passengers.

“Through great efforts of the Indirect Taxation Authority of BiH and the municipality of Visegrad, the border crossing was repaired and reconstructed, which will speed up the transport of people and goods in both directions.” This will also attract a larger number of tourists, who came less in previous years, and some even returned when they saw large convoys of cars, and because of that they did not come to Visegrad “, Durevic pointed out.

Funds for the reconstruction were provided by the Indirect Taxation Authority of BiH.

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