Republika Srpska Police fined One Person for Photograph with Flag of Republic of Bosnia and Herzgeovina

Police officers from the Pale Police Station fined the person who was photographed with, as stated in the statement, the flag of the Army of Republic of Bosnia and Herzegovina at Vrelo Miljacke in Pale.

They handed over a misdemeanor warrant to a person with the initials E. B. from Sarajevo for the offense, as stated by the police, an insult from the Law on Public Order and Peace of the Republika Srpska.

“E. B. was fined for posting his own photo with the flag of the RBiH Army on the social network in the locality of Vrela Miljacka, Pale municipality, which caused disturbance of the citizens of Pale municipality,” the East Sarajevo Police Department said in a statement.

(Photo: Klix.ba)

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