Quiz: Which of these 50 Tourist Destinations in Bosnia and Herzegovina have you visited?



Tourists from all over the world like to visit Bosnia and Herzegovina, but the locals prefer to choose destinations outside the country.

To find out which tourist destinations you can visit in Bosnia and Herzegovina, do the quiz “Do you deserve the title of a real traveler through BiH?”, news portal reports.

This quiz has been done by 90,000 people so far. The quiz includes the most beautiful tourist attractions in our country such as the Old Bridge in Mostar, Baščaršija in Sarajevo, Mehmed Pasha Sokolović Bridge in Višegrad, Kastel Fortress in Banja Luka, Kravica Waterfall in Ljubuški, Plivsko Lake in Jajce, Ramsko Lake, Strbački Buk, Tito’s bunker in Konjic and sand pyramids near Miljevina.

Cities like Trebinje, Blagaj, Neum, Počitelj, Tešanj, the royal city of Bobovac, mountains like Jahorina, Bjelašnica, Vlašić, national parks Sutjeska and Kozara …

When you do the quiz, share the results on your Facebook profile and challenge your friends to be better. Do the quiz here, it will only take you a few minutes. Remember, Bosnia and Herzegovina is a wonderful country.



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