New Cases of COVID-19 in Kindergarten in Zvornik




On the territory of the city of Zvornik, four more people are positive for coronavirus, one of which is employed in the “Nasa Radost” kindergarten, Vijesti.ba news portal reports.

On Friday, during her arrival at work and regular non-contact temperature measurement, she was found to have a slightly increased body temperature.  She was immediately returned home and her testing was performed, it was announced today from the City Headquarters for Emergency Situations in Zvornik.

By the decision of the City Headquarters for Emergency Situations, the work in the new kindergarten is suspended until further notice.

All employees will be tested, and complete disinfection of the facility, as well as equipment and toys will be performed. The Hygienic and Epidemiological Service tested a total of 42 people, 32 of whom were in contact with positive people, and another 10 people were sampled in the respiratory clinic of the Health Center in Zvornik. Four newly discovered cases are contacts with previously infected people.

There are now a total of 19 coronavirus positive persons on the territory of Zvornik.  Two people, one of whom is infected, and for one the results are awaited, are placed in the COVID ward at the Zvornik Hospital, whose doctors will examine four newly infected people today and decide where to place them.



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