Bosnian Faruk Sahat won Silver at the International Philosophical Olympiad


Faruk Sahat, a student of the Second High School in Sarajevo, won a silver medal at the XXVIII International Philosophical Olympiad, which was held online due to the coronavirus pandemic, N1 news portal reports.

The Olympics were organized by Slovenia at the end of May.

“Apart from the competition, students and professors were able to attend numerous lectures, workshops and philosophical cafes, and socialize with some of today’s most prominent philosophers, of whom we certainly single out a discussion with Professor Michael Sandel from Harvard University,” is stated by the Second High School.

The leader of the team of the Second Gymnasium was professor Elmana Ceric, who prepared the students for this competition.

Hana Catic won the honorary medal at this competition.

Sahat is a fourth-grade student and is also known for writing poetry for which he has also won awards in recent years. In addition to this, he is engaged in IT and hopes to build a career in that field.




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