Latest Data on Number of Coronavirus Positive Persons in Bosnia and Herzegovina


The Ministry of Civil Affairs of Bosnia and Herzegovina has published the latest data on the number of people positive for the presence of coronavirus, Avaz news portal reports.

As stated by this Ministry, a total of 2,832 cases have been registered in Bosnia and Herzegovina. According to the same data, 161 people have died in BiH so far.

The ministry also said 2,100 people had recovered since the pandemic began. According to the latest data from the Federal Public Health Institute, 683 samples were tested in the past 24 hours in the Federation of BiH, of which 39 were positive for coronavirus.

New cases have been registered in Zenica-Doboj, Central Bosnia, Tuzla and Sarajevo Canton.In the Federation of BiH, 42,252 samples have been tested so far, and the virus has been confirmed in 1,227 people.

As of today, 980 patients have recovered in the Federation of BiH, while 207 cases positive for COVID-19 are currently active. In BiH, a total of 2,832 people have contracted coronavirus so far. Unfortunately, 160 of them passed away.


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