Members of Bosnian Federal Parliament spent 12 Million BAM on Allowances and Expenditures



Expenditures for salaries and allowances of members in the Federal Parliament as of December 31, 2019 amounted to almost 12 million BAM, more precisely 11,897,871 BAM. These costs from the budget are higher by 417,370 BAM, according to the report of the Audit Office of the Federal institutions.

Furthermore, during 2019, decisions were made on temporary work for individual employees in the House of Peoples, the House of Representatives and the Joint Service of the Federal Parliament, which increases the basic salary by 20 percent, because in addition to their work, they also perform other work. These decisions were made for a period of five months, Klix.ba news portal reports.

When it comes to fees for separate living, apartment rent, etc., the auditors noticed that the difference in the price of apartment rent, if the contracted rent is lower than 400 BAM, is paid to unjustifiably elected officials because the fee for rent for official purposes can be paid only to the lessor in accordance with the signed contract. The counselors were granted 300 BAM per month for separate living allowances.

During the year, 43 elected officials in the House of Representatives and 50 elected officials and two advisers in the Federal House of Peoples used the separate living allowance.

The auditors stated that they could not confirm the fulfillment of the necessary conditions for payment and the justification of lump sum payments. The lump sum, they say, can be realized only on one basis, ie at one level of government.

As some elected officials in the House of Peoples, in addition to their duties in the federal parliament, they also have responsibilities in the cantonal assemblies. However, the auditors claim that there are no records of attendance at work in the FBiH Parliament building.


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