Croatian Prime Minister: We will do Everything so that Status of Croats in Bosnia and Herzegovina is not weakened


Prime Minister Andrej Plenkovic said on Friday in Mostar, southern Bosnia and Herzegovina, that they will do everything so that the status of Croats in Bosnia and Herzegovina is not weakened, just the opposite, that it is strengthened.

“We are constantly working on that and I think that we have more than clearly communicated the topic of the equality of Croats at all levels of the Council of the EU and the European Commission,” he told a press conference held together with Covic, Hina reports.

The Croatian premier added that the most important thing for Bosnia and Herzegovina is that it advances to EU membership and the equality of the three peoples there is a precondition to reach important agreements in the country.

Croatia supports Bosnia’s aspirations for EU membership and for its integration to NATO which is important for the country’s stability.

“We shall lead the dialogue on that path, advocate for solutions that will be accepted by all peoples and all political parties. This is primarily a matter for BiH, but we believe that certain difficulties that exist should be resolved in a way that will enable the efficient functioning of Bosnia an Herzegovina. If that is the case, then the reforms and its European path and excellent relations with Croatia as a neighboring country, I am sure, will be very good,” said Plenkovic, Fena reports.

He said that everyone who understands how BiH functions knows that the issue of equality is key to achieving results, and that this is shown by the numerous negotiations and the years that have passed.


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