Platform for Progress announced New Peaceful Protest in Sarajevo


After holding a peaceful protest march in Mostar on May 16, then a new one on May 30 in Sarajevo, announcing a new one to be held in Tuzla on June 13, the Platform for Progress announced a new gathering in Sarajevo, Klix.ba news portal reports.

“We promised to hold peaceful protest marches in Sarajevo, but also in other cities throughout Bosnia and Herzegovina, expressing our dissatisfaction with the current politics together with the citizens. We promised on May 30th that we would gather again in Sarajevo. Believing in the power of change and invoking our principles and our demands, we once again invite the public to join us in the peaceful civil protests that will take place on June 27 in Sarajevo, ” the Platform for Progress said.

They point out that they have chosen partners, they have chosen the people they will fight with and for whom they will fight. They say their only partner will be citizens.

“We will take to the streets together again, peacefully and with dignity, and say: Enough silence! The Platform for Progress has firmly decided to fight for Bosnia and Herzegovina, which will be based on our four principles: state, knowledge, honesty and youth. All who recognize these values as their own, are invited to join us on June 27th, “the Progress Platform said.

The public will be informed about the details of the peaceful protest walk in a timely manner.



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