Bear Aida marked her Birthday with Fruit and Vegetable Cake


Employees of Sarajevo’s “Pionirska Dolina” zoo marked the anniversary of the arrival of bear Aida.

The fruit and vegetable cake were made by workers, who welcomed her with the greatest love as last year and managed to save her from certain death. They were also the creators of a new swing just for her, a few days ago, set up in the backyard of her new home.

“She also shares a big home with her two big cousins, but the inscription on the wooden board above the swing says who is in charge. Older bears Sonja and Sejo, have no right to be angry, because only thanks to Aida they got a new wooden set in the garden, under which their feeders will “hide” honeycombs and other sweets every day”.

They remind that last year she arrived malnourished, weak, left in the forest without her mother, unable to eat and walk alone.

(Photo: Avaz)

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