Scandalous: Police interrupted Party attended by High-State Officials and Pop Artists in Sarajevo (video)


Sarajevo police interrupted the party in one of Sarajevo restaurants, and all participants in the party were given fines.

Numerous media previously reported that officials and public figures gathered in a catering facility in Sarajevo, and that the party was allegedly organized on the occasion of a doctor’s birthday, news portal reports.



Among the participants were Bosnian Minister of Foreign Trade and Economic Relations Stasa Kosarac and the Dean of the Veterinary Faculty in Sarajevo Nihad Fejzic, businessman Zijad Blekic and others.

Photos and videos from the party were posted on social networks by the present singers, and among them were Halid Beslić, Hari Varesanovic,  Serif Konjevic, Sladana Mandic.

It was the singer Sladana Mandic who posted several stories on her Instagram profile, which show how those present have fun with music, food and drinks.

At a time when the whole world, including Bosnia and Herzegovina, is struggling with the coronavirus pandemic, an event like this is to be condemned, especially due to the fact that one state minister and pop artists were present at the party.

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