After the Abolition of the Quarantine Obligation, Number of Persons entering Bosnia and Herzegovina increased Tenfold


Director of the Federal Inspection Administration Anis Ajdinovic said that after the abolition of the quarantine obligation, the number of persons entering Bosnia and Herzegovina was almost ten times higher, Vijesti.ba news portal reports.

Thus, at the border crossings, a total of 384 decisions were issued on placing under medical supervision, ie restriction of movement outside the place of residence,  152 decisions on isolation, and 202 decisions for drivers, six decisions for border workers and 24 for cross-border workers.

“Based on this information, we know that we are now at greater risk and that our imported virus may be coming into our homes again. Therefore, I will ask citizens who have an obligation to control at the border and who have been issued isolation orders to strictly comply with that. Also, that when staying in their house they do not come in contact with their loved ones,” said Ajdinovic.

Ajdinovic clarified that now every citizen who enters Bosnia and Herzegovina, in addition to border police, is also controlled by a federal sanitary inspector.

“In doing so, the citizen completes the sanitary questionnaire and waits, which is a short period, for the inspector to issue him a decision on restricted movement, ie health control,” said Ajdinovic.

Considering that the citizens showed great discipline, he pointed out that the curfew had been abolished and that he hoped that citizens would continue to act responsibly for themselves.

The mandatory isolation period of 14 days has expired for 24,026 persons so far, and only 98 persons expire today.

So far, according to Ajdinovic, 282 inspections and 182 inspections have been carried out at gas stations and pharmacies when a total of 311 misdemeanor warrants were issued in the amount of 603,650 BAM.



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