Export of Meat from Bosnia-Herzegovina to Turkey suspended


Director of the Veterinary Office of Bosnia-Herzegovina, Ljubomir Kalaba, told Srna news agency that due to certain malversations in two slaughterhouses in the Federation of BiH, the export of beef to Turkey has been suspended, and a decision on next steps will be taken next week.

“Buying and slaughtering is not prohibited, but exporting is because we had information about certain malpractices that are being done and we are just examining it, so we will let you know when the investigation is complete,” Kalaba said.

He explained that the slaughter of beef for the export of meat to Turkey was carried out in two slaughterhouses and that the Office ordered the suspension of the signing of veterinary certificates, as they noticed certain irregularities. Kalaba stated that these were slaughterhouses “Sisovic” from Rakitno near Posusje and “Bajra” near Travnik.

“Most of them did not follow the instructions issued by the Office of the Export of Cattle for Turkey, they did not announce slaughter in the period when it was necessary and we had information from various associations that meat was imported from Serbia and other countries and that it was mixed, we are examining this, “Kalaba explained.

Kalaba said that he will have meetings next week, and they will examine would they be allowed again to export or investigations would continue.

“More will be known next week and a decision will be made on what to do next,” Kalaba added.



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